Igcse essay marking scheme


Igcse essay marking scheme

indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’ meeting before marking began, 8 If the essay is considerably shorter than the stated word length, fewer than 70 words, it Page 10 Mark Scheme Syllabus Paper Cambridge IGCSE – October/November

This grudge between the family had been going on for many years as we can tell by the line in the prologue “From acient grudge”? In order to be the best, many businesses hire them to endorse theirproducts. Ito’y siyang tinatawag na “Pacto de Sangre” ng haring Sikatuna at ni Legaspi na pinakakatawanan ng hari sa Espana.

  • Description of papers syllabus 4.
  • There is no requirement to include work on a Paper 1 text.
  • Set texts syllabus Unless otherwise indicated, candidates may use any edition of the set text, provided it is not an abridgement or simplified version.
  • No set texts for this component.
  • It is available in the UK only.
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